The Hitachi Magic Wand Throughout Art History

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Definitely one of the best things I’ve seen this week ♥

“Celebrating art and the Hitachi Magic Wand, simultaneously!”

Napoleon Crossing the Alps with Magic Wand by Jacques-Louis David
Napoleon Crossing the Alps with Magic Wand by Jacques-Louis David

Madonna Adoring the Hitachi by Correggio
Madonna Adoring the Hitachi by Correggio


“Tree” by Paul McCarthy

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Christmas is early for Parisians this year with an 80 foot tall inflatable sculpture simply titled “Tree”, by American artist Paul McCarthy.

And yes, people have noticed that it looks just like a giant butt plug.

Tree was also erected to coincide with the opening of “Chocolate Factory”, which means that soon there will be a thousand chocolate figurines of Santa Claus holding this wonderful emblem.


Happy Holidays Agony Folks!

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A big warm bundle of hugs and love from the BA team this Holiday season. To our wonderful members and contributors, we hope you’re keeping well, perhaps enjoying a well earned break or indulging in some mighty fine feasting and good company a plenty!

Happy Holidays!

Love Always BA HQ! xo


Kiki V… Not long now!

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Happy Masturbation Month!

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Coming Up… Ms 0132, Ms 2225, Ms 2643 and Ms 2741.

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*UPDATE* You can check out the video from these lovely ladies over here >> F-0161


Coming soon…

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coming soon to beautiful agony

We’re currently making a few changes to BA Overkill!

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So for now, you should distract yourself with some of the mighty fine submissions from Overkill, Over the Years.

Oh, and don’t forget these too…

Mr 1659 Confession Extras – This submission made me cry at my desk. Thank you Mr 1659!
Mr 1662 & Ms 1663 Duet Agony (somewhat controversial on BA) in particular this one! Consider this the warning!
Mr 1454, “On a roof, hanging upside down! Hilarious!”
Ms 1550 “Caught in the Act”
Ms 1805 Confession Extras
Ms 1150 and Mr 1820 Duet Agony
Ms 1626
Ms 220 and Mr 1946 Duet Agony
Ms 1726 Confession/Agony
Ms 1804
Triskaphelia Part 2
Triskaphelia Part 3
Triskaphelia Post Mortem
Ms 1092 and Mr 2162 Duet Agony
Ms 2121
Ms 1990
Ms 2031, Agony in Mime
Ms 2254 and Ms 2255 Duet Agony
Ms 1895
Ms 2195 and Mr 2196 Duet Agony
Ms 329, taken from the Hilltop Agony (Full Length)
Ms 536, taken from the Hilltop Agony (Full Length)
Ms 981, taken from the Hilltop Agony (Full Length)
Ms 2319 and Mr 2318 Duet Agony
Mr 2354 and Mr 2352 Duet Agony
Ms 2119
Ms 2135
Ms 2129
Ms 2384 and Ms 2385 Duet Agony 3
Ms 2384 and Ms 2385 Duet Agony 2
Ms 2561 and Mr 2562 Duet Agony

Has anyone got one they would like to add?

Beautiful Agony and Face Contact in Beijing

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Face Contact, Iberia Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, 2012

Face Contact, Iberia Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, 2012


Last year, Beautiful Agony was invited to participate in the 2011 PHotoEspaña Festival in Madrid, Spain, as part of the exhibition Face Contact, curated by Gerardo Mosquera. This thematic exhibition has made it’s way across the globe and is currently being presented at Iberia Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing.

Iberia Center for Contemporary Art is located at E06, 798 Art Zone, 4 Jiuxianqiao Rd., Chaoyang Dist., Beijing

Face Contact is exhibiting until the 24th of June, 2012.

Face to ‘Face Contact’, new art experience
“Face Contact–Beijing” Featuring Portaiture and Communication at Iberia Center for Contemporary Art

see also
2011 PHotoEspana Festival – Face Contact


Dodson and Ross: Beyond Sexual Guilt

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Betty Dodson with Carlin Ross: Sexual guilt keeps you stuck in one place.


Geometric Porn by Luciano Foglia

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Something abstract existing in thought or as an idea but not having a physical or concrete existence. Visual geometry containing the non-explicit description of sexual organs or activity. Arising in the mind it intends to stimulate erotic rather than aesthetic or emotional feelings.


Merry Christmas!

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Merry Xmas BA! x


Wishing all of our contributors, subscribers and beloved BA HQ a very Merry Christmas!

How the brain fires up during female orgasm

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The world’s first movie of the brain during sexual climax maps activity before, during and after the event.

Created by animators from theVisualMD, it’s based on brain scans captured by Barry Komisaruk of Rutgers University, New Jersey, and his team as a woman stimulated herself inside an fMRI machine.


Top 100 Sex Bloggers of 2011

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The Between My Sheets annual Top 100 Sex Bloggers List has been announced. A few old favorites and whole lot of brand spanking new sexy sharers. Get to it then, go explore!

See the full list here at

2011 PHotoEspana Festival – Face Contact

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Beautiful Agony was invited to participate in the 2011 PHotoEspaña Festival in Madrid, Spain, as part of the exhibition Face Contact. The Festival Opens today (1st June) and runs until the 24th of July 2011. Face Contact is exhibited at Teatro Fernán Gómez – Centro de Arte.

The Festival includes a program of 70 exhibitions with some 370 artists and creators participating, it is a must see if you are roaming around on that side of the planet.

PHotoEspaña   “The works; all recent, between 1966 and the present; are put in face contact among themselves, with the intention of probing the complexities, inventiveness, discourses, and imaginaries of contemporary portraiture. The face is thus posited as a zone of interaction, exploring the limits and tensions of this communication.

Face Contact alludes to the portrait as communication, to the exteriority of the face portrayed which seeks to connect with the viewer’s face in pursuit of a transaction of exchanged meanings: the receiver processes the information articulated in the portrait and at the same time returns the gaze, projecting his or her own personal decodification onto the face portrayed.”

PHotoEspaña 2011 Festival Guide
Teatro Fernán Gómez



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Sasha Grey


My copy of Sasha Grey’s new photographic book NEÃœ SEX arrived in the post this week, BA HQ are big Sasha fans and we were completely blown away by her latest offering. However, the notorious adult actress that was coined “The Dirtiest Girl In The World” by Rolling Stone has sadly announced her retirement from the adult industry last week while she promoted her book on Facebook.

We’re very excited about what she might do next. I had the pleasure of meeting her two years ago and even managed to get my HQ Helper’s Love Will Tear Us Apart shirt signed (she’s a big Joy Division fan), but of course the ultimate dream would be to have her on our site and hear her confessions.

Please send us your Agony, Sasha! Love BA HQ, xo

Happy 7th Birthday to Us!

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Beautiful Agony turns 7 this month! Over 2000 orgasms, 1700 salacious tales and counting…

Many thanks to all of our Contributors, Subscribers and BA HQ Peeps, here’s to many more exciting years to come!

Beautiful Agony 7th Birthday
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Happy Lady Porn Day – Spread the Love

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[rabbitwrite] Rabbit Write is curating Lady Porn Day as a blogosphere wide project and will be writing about lady porn the entire week of the 21st-26th. So join in (at any point) to share your porn stories, insights or favorite porn links.

Lady Porn Day

“At it’s heart, this is about celebrating pornography and masturbation. It is an opportunity for ladies of all genders (or however you identify) to open up a dialog: What is feminist porn? What is your history with porn? What do you find hot?”


Make Smut Not Love!- SonicErotica’s Twitterotica Competition

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Valentine’s Day is rolling around soon and hoards of people will be getting all lovey-dovey. While they are romancing each other sick they’ll talk about ‘making lurve’ instead of ‘fucking’. Well, at SonicErotica, we want to make sure there is still plenty of good, hard fucking going on! That’s why we are encouraging everyone to ‘make smut not love’ for our twitterotica/flashfuck competition with entries due by Feb

> An example of the audio erotica your twitterotica can become.

Competition Details: Make Smut Not Love!


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[] The kiddie porn/art censorship debate has been reignited (ho-hum, yet again) with another iconic artist being accused of sexually exploiting children. The photograph by Archibald Prize-winning artist, Del Kathryn Barton, features a – shock horror – topless six-year-old boy placidly adorned in googly eyes.

The stingers? The child is Barton’s son and she donated the photograph as a charity entry for The Sydney Children’s Hospital annual fundraiser. Take a look at the photograph below and tell me if it makes you feel all naughty and tingly in your nether regions.

Aussie Censorship   Not exactly racy, is it? However, its “offensive” nature failed to comply with the hospital’s internal guidelines concerning the depiction of children, and they’ve since cancelled the entire exhibition that was expected to fetch about 200k in charity for sick kids. And here I was thinking we all learnt our lesson with the hysteric Bill Henson beat-up a few years back….

So why do things like this keep on happening? Basically we’re all prudes, with Australia having some of the tightest censorship regulations in the Western world. Marginalised complaints (say by children’s rights bodies, religious groups, or other people who simply just don’t like having fun) can easily initiate criminal investigations even if artwork ends up deemed appropriate by governing bodies such as the ACMA.

This means our country’s artists can have their names dragged through mud in sensationalist media coverage even if they eventually have charges dropped against them, such as with the Henson 2008 case. The protection of children is a serious issue indeed, but anybody with a sense of rationality can see that there’s a difference between sexualisation and a child without his top on.

Meanwhile, it’s still somehow perfectly legal for young girls to have those hideous slutty “Bratz” doll as role models, or for Tony Abbott to walk around in public in budgie smugglers. A bizarre state of affairs indeed….


Merry Christmas

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Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas from us here at Beautiful Agony HQ. xo

Beautiful Agony Merry Christmas Orgasm

Largest Survey of American Sexual Behaviors Offers Snapshot of 21st Century American Sex

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[] The holidays came early for sex researchers and anyone interested in catching a glimpse of American sexuality at the beginning of the 21st century. They came today, to be precise, in the form of the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior (NSSHB). Conducted by a team of researchers at The Center for Sexual Health Promotion based at Indiana University, with funding from Church & Dwight (the company that brings us, among other household products, Trojan condoms), the NSSHB represents the largest nationally representative survey of sexual behaviors conducted in the U.S. since 1994, and in many ways a significant leap in sophistication and specificity in terms of what we mean when we talk about sex.

Read the Article and visit the Sexuality Blog for the first in a series of blog posts about specific data coming from the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior.


Between a Dance and a Scream

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NEW YORK – To say that Yoko Ono’s Voice Piece for Soprano is the most visible artwork in MoMA’s recent reinstallation of its contemporary art galleries is both unimpeachably accurate and totally wrong. Wrong in the sense that the piece is not visible at all; right in the sense that you can’t possibly miss it. Voice Piece for Soprano is a participatory artwork. Museum visitors are invited to take a microphone in the museum’s atrium and follow Ono’s instructions, posted a wall, to Scream. 1. against the wind; 2. against the wall; 3. against the sky.” The resulting screams are amplified throughout the galleries.

As zeitgeisty as the piece seems (there is much to scream about these days, from the oil spill on down to Tea Party antics), Ono created it back in 1961. In the late 1950s, she and her then-husband, Japanese experimental musician Ichiyanagi Toshi, became part of the constellation of creative types around avant-garde musician John Cage, and Ono began experimenting with instruction works or event scores. She published more than 150 of them, including Voice Piece for Soprano, in her 1964 artist’s book Grapefruit.

Voice Piece isn’t the only artwork of Ono’s on view at MoMA right now. The reinstallation’s organizers and MoMA associate director, Kathy Halbreich, and curator Christophe Cherix have also included Whisper Piece, a series of messages Ono has scribbled on the museum’s walls, and Wish Piece, which Ono has been creating in various versions since 1996, and which invites museum visitors to write their wishes on a piece of paper and place these on a tree in the sculpture garden.

Contemporary Art from the Collection runs from June 30, 2010 – May 9, 2011
Voice Piece for Soprano will be presented through to November 28, 2010



The Australian Sex Party – Jerk Choices

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In just a few days Australia will vote, not just on who will form government but also who will hold the balance of power in the senate.

The Australian Sex Party stands for policies that represent a modern Australia, like same-sex marriage, free expression and working against censorship.


Anti-rape condom unveiled for World Cup

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A South African doctor has developed a new anti-rape female condom that has been unveiled in time for the World Cup.

The Rape-aXe was invented by Dr Sonnet Ehlers, who plans to distribute 30,000 of the devices during the course of the World Cup, CNN reports.

The latex condom is inserted by the woman like a tampon, and features jagged rows of teeth-like hooks that latch onto an attacker’s penis upon penetration.

Once attached, only a doctor can remove the Rape-aXe and Ehlers hopes authorities will be on the scene during any potential removals.


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