Top 100 Sex Bloggers

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Between My Sheets

The lovely Rori from Between My Sheets has released her Top 100 Sex Bloggers for 2014, and it’s well worth scoping out!

#3261′s Christmas Teaser

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#3261 shares her first sexual experience, which coincidentally happened on Christmas Day! Watch her full Agony and Confession when it goes live tomorrow :)

Representation In Porn, Or A Lack Thereof, And Why It Matters

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Last Friday, there was a nice little mention of Beautiful Agony by the lovely blogger Jane Pratt.

“I get tired of conventional porn sometimes, and I want to see porn with women especially, but people in general, who aren’t going “ooohnnnn ooohhhhhnnn ohhhhhnnn” like seals throughout the movie, or who aren’t skinny, or who aren’t young, or who aren’t white, or who aren’t conventional-looking, or who are engaging in sex acts that they really, really, really love of their own accord rather than being just sort of down to do because it’s their job. That’s why I love Beautiful Agony (just assume that none of the links in this post are safe for work) — it’s all orgasms, it’s all very understated, it’s a pure celebration of pleasure, and lots of different kinds of people are represented.”

Read the whole article here.

Via Huffington Post

Simulated Tortures

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The installation comprises photographs of a woman’s body and several common office tools – a stapler, a pair of scissors, a punch, etc. The form of the photographs has been disturbed with physical stimuli, like piercing the paper, burning or sewing it with a thread. It is not a real body, but its photographic representation that undergoes tortures in the project. However, the stimuli that act on the (photographed) body are authentic and painful, indeed. Piercing, injuring and cutting the photographs serve as a simulation for real “pain test” – a deliberate act of inflicting physical suffering. Torturing a representation of a human body brings to mind voodoo rituals, mostly associated with piercing a doll, thus imposing diseases, misfortunes or death upon the victim. Nevertheless, what do tormented photographs of a half-naked woman found in a flat of an average contemporary western man mean? What is the purpose of inflicting such sophisticated violence upon the photographed body? What is the perpetrator of the paper crime guided by – erotic fantasies, vengeance or blood craving? One thing is beyond doubt – in such an organized, perfectly arranged space even crime is aesthetic and torture instruments have modern, office like character.

Text taken from Ewa Doroszenko’s website. More images below, and more at her site!



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An interesting and sexy music video from the creative team at NIGHTSHIFT.

Window Peeker

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If you’re here at Beautiful Agony, then the chances are that you’re probably a little bit of a voyeur and you’ll love Gail Albert Halaban’s photographic series, “Paris Views” and “Out Of My Window”. Although each photo is carefully planned, it’s interesting to peek into the daily routine of those who live around her through her windows.

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Happy Halloween, creeps!

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Happy Halloween! from Beautiful Agony on Vimeo.

Who will be your lucky (or unlucky) Beautiful Agony on Halloween night this year? ;)

Fungus-distorted photographic portraits

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Seung-Hwan Oh’s “Impermanence” is a series of portraits where the artist uses a process of growing an emulsion-eating fungus on film, which then destroys, distorts and creates fascinatingly beautiful images.

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“Tree” by Paul McCarthy

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Christmas is early for Parisians this year with an 80 foot tall inflatable sculpture simply titled “Tree”, by American artist Paul McCarthy.

And yes, people have noticed that it looks just like a giant butt plug.

Tree was also erected to coincide with the opening of “Chocolate Factory”, which means that soon there will be a thousand chocolate figurines of Santa Claus holding this wonderful emblem.


Kawasaki 2014

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Illustrator Audrey Kawasaki has been a favorite here at BA HQ for a long time now, and we’re all mesmerized by her latest series of erotic wood panel paintings. View her latest work here.

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Throwback Tuesday: Matthew Stone’s Ecstacy & Body Language

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Revisiting some of Matthew Stone’s photography from 2010.

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The Gum You Like Is Coming Back In Style

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Enhance Your Lighting!

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What a handsome, handsome man.

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Taser Agonies

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Photographer Patrick Hall captures the facial expressions of models getting zapped by a taser!

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Electronic Face Canvas

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Nobumichi Asai uses projection mapping with real-time face tracking to create this beautiful video where the model has electronic make-up applied onto her face.

Via Dangerous Minds

Imploding Faces

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Interesting portraits by Merve Morkoç.

via Juxtapoz

Mina-Milk’s Erotic Illustrations

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Mina-Milk‘s series of illustrations about sexuality and fetishism fusing people and animals.

Via Juztapoz


Junk Food Portraits

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James Ostrer created a series of strange portraits of models covered in frosting, candy and assorted junk food for his exhibition Wotsit All About. It’s fascinating, but kinda creepy at the same time!

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Chroma Sex

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An interesting photo series by Chris Phillips from Pornceptual. See the full NSFW series here.

Golden Showers

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This video was made by Hyper Island to raise awareness for sexual minorities and fetishes and was supposed to be splashed on a huge billboard in Stockholm, which we think is really cool!


Fleur & Manu (NSFW)

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Movement – Ivory (NSFW) from Modular People on Vimeo.

Fleur & Manu (the cool peeps behind the cinematic music video trilogy for M83) have released a new music video for Ivory… and it’s damn sexy.

Artist Kisses Subject

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‘I’ve been thinking about the proximity of the orgasm to death and spiritual revelation. In my work I’ve been considering the orgasm as a kind of transcendence, and using metaphors like “orgasming against something plastic” to explore the human experience of when revelation falls short and faith is not found. In this painting it is the constructed nature of the intimacy that suggests ecstasy is just out of reach. I wanted to create something equally portrait, self-portrait, and an examination of post-feminist self-objectification.’

The talented UK born artist Sophia Hewson is one of this year’s Archibald finalists for her hyper realistic painting of herself kissing popular Australian singer/song writer Missy Higgins. It’s absolutely stunning, and I would love for her to paint one of me with Gillian Anderson.

Visit her blog at


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Film maker Tatia Pilieva returns with “UNDRESS ME”, a short film where she invites a group of strangers to undress each other before hopping into a bed. We recently posted her “FIRST KISS” video where strangers were invited to kiss each other for the first time.

Via Laughing Squid

ADAM asked the internet to copy their Orgasm Video ‘Go to Go’!

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♥ Girlband ADAM put the call out for the internet to copy their Orgasm Video ‘Go to Go’. Fantastic Stuff! Well done ADAM and the internet! ♥

Visit ADAM at

See Also Girlband ADAM Get’s Orgasms While Singing!

Miley Cyrus’s ‘Artistic Porno’ Is Actually Awesome

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